Retirement Investing

Retirement Investing

What Should I Invest in for Retirement

Retirement investing is one of the most important decisions people undertake in their lifetimes. It requires long range planning, diversification, and selecting proper financial vehicles.

While most individuals will qualify for state pension, such as Social Security in the United States, this isn’t enough for most retirees. As a result, individuals should supplement it with private retirement savings. This should start as early as possible. Being 25 years of age isn’t too early. In fact, that leaves 40 years of saving and investment growth, thus most likely it will result in large retirement nest egg. But, for those who started late, catching up is possible with bigger contributions.

What to Invest In

When it comes to retirement savings, it’s crucial to understand that this kind of investing shouldn’t be done in a speculative way. While seeking healthy investment gains, it is important to diversify. Future retirees need to divide savings into multiple asset classes. Not only stocks should be bought, but also fixed-income products (such as bonds), real estate, and precious metals. This way investors aren’t left relying on a single asset class.

Generally, financial advisors recommend that young people focus mostly on stocks. Both domestic and international stocks should be acquired, this way there is a geographical diversification in this asset class.

As people reach middle age, it is recommended that a larger portion should be allocated to fixed-income products. Then, near the retirement, only a small portion of savings should be in stocks, while the most should be put into the most safe products such as Treasuries and CDs.

But, stock and bonds aren’t the only instruments that provide investment and diversification opportunities. Allocating parts of the investments into precious metals such as gold and silver can further diversify risk. Unlike financial assets, precious metals have intrinsic value that can’t decline to zero. Precious metals, especially gold, are considered to be a good long-term storage of value and hedge against inflation.

Yet another way to diversify is to hold real estate. One of the most common ways is by home ownership. By paying off the mortgage, the equity in the house grows, while real estate prices are bound to increase in the long term. Many retirees have derived large chunks of their retirement income from real estate.

Which Vehicles to Use for Retirement Savings?

In the United States, many individuals save for their retirements with the use of company-sponsored 401(k) accounts. Another alternative comes in the form of Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). With these investment accounts, investors can select a variety of assets to purchase. These can be individual stocks and bonds, or funds. The available selection is quite large, usually much wider than with 401(k)s.

There are also Precious Metal IRA accounts. This is where gold and silver bullion can be acquired. There’s no issue with having more than one IRA account, the only limitation is the amount of annual contribution.

In summary, you should start investing for the retirement as early as possible and to diversify your holdings into multiple asset classes. When it comes to your retirement savings, you need to avoid speculation. This is the area of investing that should be approached quite conservatively.