Why Do I Need Auto Insurance

Why Do I Need Auto Insurance

5 Reasons Why You Need Auto Insurance

The ability to drive is something that most take for granted. While it is relatively easy to get a drivers license and acquire a car, there are rules that you have to follow if you are going to operate a motor vehicle in a legal manner. One of those rules is that you have adequate insurance to cover damages if you happen to get into an accident or otherwise experience damage to your vehicle.

Having Adequate Coverage is the Law

If you don’t carry proper levels of coverage, you could get a ticket, lose your car or even lose your license until you rectify the matter. In some cases, you could be required to carry SR22 insurance if you get caught driving without insurance or driving without proper registration because you didn’t carry auto insurance. The good news is that you can get a policy in just a few minutes online that can take effect whenever you want or need it to.

Cover Yourself in an Accident

Those who live in a no fault state have to work through their own insurance company to get money to cover the cost of repairing their vehicle or the cost of medical bills after a crash. Therefore, if drivers in those states don’t have coverage, they may be forced to pay to repair their cars or pay hospital bills on their own.

What Happens When Natures Causes Damage to Your Car?

It is possible that your car is damaged by hail, a fallen tree branch or windy conditions that cause a shopping cart to hit your car in the parking lot. If that were to happen, you would rely on your insurance coverage to provide the money necessary to repair the damage. If you don’t have insurance, you don’t have any way to help pay for the expenses related to damage not caused by an accident or another person in general.

Your Policy Covers Anyone Who Drives Your Vehicle

If your child or a friend drove your car and got into an accident, your auto policy would cover the damage to your car and any other cars involved in the crash. Without coverage, your friend or family member could be on the hook for paying damages and medical costs related to the accident. While your rates may go up regardless of who gets into the crash, paying a few extra dollars a month is much better than thousands or tens of thousands of dollars in repair and medical bills.

Don’t Risk a Lawsuit

Failing to carry insurance could leave you open to a lawsuit by any other driver, passenger or pedestrian who is injured in a car crash. If there is a judgment against you, it is possible that you could lose your house, car or bank account to satisfy it. When you have insurance, you have what you need to cover a loss of vehicle as well as bodily injury and funeral coverage.

No matter what type of car you drive, you need to carry insurance at all times. In many states, you can’t register your car if you don’t have it. If your policy lapses, stay off the road until you get a new policy as you could put yourself in legal and financial hot water by driving without it.