The Benefits of Having Health Insurance

The Benefits of Having Health Insurance

Why Health Insurance is Beneficial for Everybody

Health is the most important things in life that needs to be protected because the truth is that each person has one life. The unfortunate truth is that healthcare costs are incredibly high and one of the most unpredictable expenses there are. One simple flip and fall can end up costing thousands upon thousands of dollars all from small accident. That is where health insurance comes in. Health insurance is by far the best tool to combat health costs by lowering costs. Health insurance often times covers expenses and in turn alleviates financial stress. While healthcare costs continue to rise, so do the benefits of having health insurance, and here are some of those benefits.

There are many benefits to having health insurance, and one of the benefits are preventive healthcare visits. Often times, health insurance providers want people to go to the doctor less, so they provide free visits to the doctor for preventative care such as vaccines and even check-ups. This directly lowers costs by paying for a free doctors visit and indirectly lowers costs by preventing future visits by keeping you less sick.

Another benefit of having health insurance is more covered expenses of emergency room visits. The truth is that accidents happens. A simple slip on the ice can almost cost a second mortgage, and sometimes people just have health events happen to them like heart attacks or strokes. While these can be stressful and cause a ton of worry to many people, health insurance drastically lowers the stress by covering a lot of the high costs of emergency room visits. Normally after the holder reaches a deductible(a fixed amount of out of pocket costs to the user), there normally is a percentage that the holder pays. This means that after the fixed amount, healthcare costs a fraction of what it would without health insurance. Furthermore, in many health insurance plans there is a max yearly amount that the holder can pay, and after this mark is reached, the insurance company pays the rest. While it would be tragic to reach this mark because that would mean that there was a lot of medical visits, having a max amount of costs would give peace of mind to know that costs wouldn’t go above that amount.

Some people may think that health insurance would be a waste of money because they are healthy and have been for years, but health insurance still is beneficial because of all the uncertainties of life. As stated before, one simple accident can change one person’s life. One good thing about health insurance is that there are plenty of plans available ranging in monthly costs and coverages. Health insurance is not one-size-fits-all because each person’s healthcare needs are different. If a person has a chronic condition and needs many doctor’s visits in a year, there is a plan for that person. Conversely if a person has been healthy for years, a minimum plan is available to them that can cover one of those life changing accidents and not make the cost larger than life. Young, old, big, or small, there is a beneficial health insurance plan available to everyone.